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          Talent Concept

          We focus on incentives and sharing to continuously improve the salary and welfare system, actively promote the performance management system, so that employees and enterprises share operating results, and encourage employees to pursue excellence. We use both internal selection recommendation and external introduction to gather talents. Through the establishment of multi-channel career channels to development of talent and retain talent.

          We appreciate people who are down-to-earth and willing to work, and we respect those who are brave in innovation and responsibility.

          Excellent quality and high professionalism are highly respected by us. We fully authorize capable person and grant the meritorious person with generous salaries. We emphasize system management, and employ people with their own strengths. To explore talents and talent are what we have been pursuing.

          We provide you with not only a job, but also a vast career development space, a stage of life that allows you to give full play to your strengths, talents and creativity!


          Address:100, Hangkong RD. Dongjiaduan Hi-tech Industrial park, Lusong District, Zhuzhou, Hunan, China.

          Mailbox: cs@nfelite.com


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