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          R&D capability

          R & D department has 120 staff who responsible for automotive steering system product and structure design, control system hardware and software development, CAE, NVH analysis, steering performance calibration, tests and other professional technical fields.

          The company has cooperated with Hong Kong Auto Parts Research Center, Wuhan University of Technology, Hunan University and Hefei University of Technology, etc. About control strategy, functional safety, communication diagnosis, reliability design, worm gear material, non-contact sensor and other technical fields achieved the domestic leading level. It owns the independent intellectual property rights of EPS and more than 70 patents, including more than 20 invention patents and more than 50 utility model patents. It obtained more than 10 items of scientific and technological achievements appraisal, published more than 30 scientific and technological papers, and participated in the preparation of automotive industry standards. It won provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards for many times.

          The company was evaluated as two provincial-level innovation platforms: Hunan Automobile Steering System Engineering Technology Research center and provincial enterprise technology center.



          Address:100, Hangkong RD. Dongjiaduan Hi-tech Industrial park, Lusong District, Zhuzhou, Hunan, China.

          Mailbox: cs@nfelite.com


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